Logo & Branding

Branding represents your organisation, service or product. Your brand defines you, it is you.


More often than not, your logo will be the first introduction a client or prospect will experience of your brand. So what is the role of the logo, why is it so important?

Your logo is designed to grab attention, it is designed to be memorable so that it can separate you from your competition. For it to be able to do that, it needs to be simple, versatile and timeless.

We will ensure that your logo meets the requirements that are suited for your target audience, matches your brand and rivals your competition.


Your logo holds a lot of importance but in order to really stand out to your clients and prospects, you will need to create a brand.

Your brand can include: font, imagery, colours, icons, tone of voice and various other visual aspects. It can be used in printed material such as stationary, signage and more. Essentially your brand is any kind of communication that comes from you.

The main component of any brand is consistency, and we highly recommend developing a set of brand guidelines.

Whether it’s a simple set of rules or an in-depth guideline consisting of logo positioning, spacing between elements and font specifications, our team will help you to create a brand that resonates with your target audience.